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​One of A Kind, Unique & Timeless Designs, "Because What You Wear Matters!"

I personally try to bring forth a unique flair to fashion with my custom-made items. 

My choice of fabrics, textures & prints assist in bringing my timeless creations to life!

Hats, Coats, Sweaters, Ponchos & Related Separates come together effortlessly!

Specializing in sizes S-M-L, and sizes 8-16, depending upon the item.

For more information please contact me @ 267-650-0275 to schedule a one on one 

      exclusive appointment, limited to two - four clients per visit .

We are CDC compliant, for your safety RoniWear is offering masks, gloves, individually 

wrapped appetizers & beverages.

Also visit my Facebook Page @ RoniWear Designs By: Roni Williams, 

Instagram @ roniweardesignz

Email Address:

RoniWear Takes Hats From Classic to Fun, Wild & Crazy!  

The Scrunch Hat Design, or the Fashionable Brimmed Styles in Many Colors & Prints.


For all inquiries, simply email from my contact page. Looking forward to hearing from you🌹

Stay Tuned for More Fun Fashions!

Be Blessed & Prosper!

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